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Thread: Mirrors Edge Catalyst: Collectors Edition Announced

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    Mirrors Edge Catalyst: Collectors Edition Announced

    Holy fuck balls look at how bad ass this is. I don't normally go for collectors edition stuff but i really do love Mirrors Edge and think this looks brilliant. Sure the Temporary Tattoos are
    a bit naff but that statue looks the shit.

    The Statue portrays Faith as both a child and an adult and it stands 14 inches high and is full of detail.

    We also get some fairly typical extra bits:-

    Exclusive Steel book
    Exclusive lithograph
    Set of 10 concept pieces
    Temporary logo tattoo
    Temporary Faith arm tattoo
    Storage box

    Due for release on the 26th February it will make a perfect Birthday Pressie.
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    This is one of my highlight games for next year. Everything about it sounds improved from the original (and lets be honest, it was the gameplay and style. The story... what story? Something something freedom!) but regarding the collectors edition, after getting burned by the Mass Effect 3 one, I think I'll probably stick with the vanilla edition. The artbooks are always cut down versions of a full fat artbook (and the cost of the vanilla game and the full artbook are often the same or less than the collectors editions) and the other thinks are 'tat'. Small, essentially wortheless ephemera that I'll lose or lose interest in pretty quickly. Still, don't let me Dave Mandrake like negativity fool you, I am super excited for the game itself.

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