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02-20-2012, 12:48 PM
Hands up who plays FIFA? So that?s me and hmmm, not a whole lot of others. Well I?m currently suffering from a chronic of Ultimate Team addiction. The mode just keeps you coming back for more, there?s always some more coins on offer from the tournaments so you can get that next best player who will improve your squad. And the best bit is you can build a competitive team with relatively little cash, perhaps 5-10K will net you a well put together squad which you can gradually upgrade with the players of your choice.

I?ve been on a bit of a squad building binge of late, creating teams, left and right to use in the various cup competitions available, for those of you interested in such things, here?s a rundown:

Main Squad ? Russian Premier League ? 4-3-1-2

An hugely under-rated league (read cheap) featuring such wonderful talents as Eto?o, Doumbia, Welliton, Danny, Honda, Carlos Eduardo and Roberto Carlos. It?s not the best known league but the selection of talent on offer is incredible. My squad is easily the match of so called ?superstar? teams from more glamorous leagues like the BPL, BBVA. Eto?o is a rocket powered (93 pace) battering ram who can crash through defences with strength and pace and his finishing is ridiculous at all ranges while his strike partner Doumbia has 94 pace, what more can I say, nobody can catch him.

The depth of squad is also impressive so you can rest key players and have near like-for-like back up in each position. Except in defence, which is weak as hell. But that just means you have to out-score your opponent.

Silver Tournament Squad ? Mexican National Team ? 4-2-2-2

Used for Silver specific tournaments, this Mexican team is a match for the highly sought after BraSilver (Brazilian Silver) teams you?ll often come up against. The passing range and accuracy of many Mexican players rivals that of some of the highest rated Gold players meaning that if you play intelligently you can hold possession for much of the game and pick your way through defences and score more aesthetically pleasing goals rather than the typical route 1 approach many adopt when playing FIFA 12. Oh and Carlos Vela is an absolute finishing machine.

Bronze Tournament Squad ? MLS ? 4-4-2

Probably my favourite team to play with and the one I?ve had the most success with the Bronze players on offer from the MLS have pace and strength to burn. The is not one weak link throughout the starting 11 with the LM, RM & ST positions having some players capable of matching Gold?s in most situations. Finishing can be frustrating with the front duo of White & Oduru but the fact that defenders are outmatched for pace often leaves you with a simple ?tramp? across the goal for a tap-in. Defence is very strong on the ground and in the air and will rarely concede. I generally score at least 4-5 goals per game and let in the odd 1 when my concentration slips.

Sweaty BPL Golds ? Gold Premier League ? 5-2-1-2

An absolute bitch to play against this team is probably what Stoke would look like if they had a lot of spare cash. A (speed demon) defence of Clichy, Luiz, Richards, Samba & Walker shielded by the defensive minded Essien & Remirez mean you?ll almost never concede a goal, crowding out almost all attacks & limiting the opposition to pot-shots from range leaving your speedy front 3 of Hernandez, Agbonlahor & Donovan free to concentrate on getting onto balls you?ve lumped over the top. No finesse involved, just stick your team on ultra-defensive so none of your defenders ever go out of position and route 1 it all game. It feels dirty playing like that but it sure does work.

So if anyone wants a game please give me a shout. I?m also more than happy to assist in squad building on a budget for you guys who may be just starting out.

02-20-2012, 07:37 PM
You already nicked my players from what UT team I had...

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Does that say 'xxxx is a gonner'?
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