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10-29-2011, 08:42 AM
This is primarily for Stu but may also be of interest to several others of you.

General Note:

Last year, FIFA was all about pace & strength and as such having players like Drogba/Eto?o in your team was a massive boost, this time around pace is still a useful asset but it must be combined with good dribbling ability. Speed means nothing if you can?t keep control of the ball (just ask Theo Walcott?) so keep this in mind when selecting any of your players.

What is Ultimate Team

As its most basic you build your squad of players and take them online to play against the world. However the main time consuming part of this mode is the time you will spend strategizing over which players will play well together (something called ?chemistry?). A team of superstars which has just been randomly thrown together will be easily defeated by a team of more average players with good chemistry.

Chemistry effects the runs your players make, their positional sense and to a lesser extent their ability to pass to each-other. A chemistry rating of between 80-100 is where you should be aiming.

To build good chemistry you must take into the account a few different factors:

* Same team gives excellent chemistry.

* Same league gives good chemistry.

* Same nationality gives good chemistry.

* Same formation gives some chemistry.

* Correct position gives some chemistry.

So before you go spending money like crazy make sure you know what you?re building towards.

Which Leagues are Good?

A few leagues offer a good selection of starting players who don?t cost a lot and opportunity to buy more expensive ?superstars? as you progress.

* Barclays Premier League

* League 1


* Serie A

* Bundasliga

Personally I have built a Russian Premier League team as I felt it was less well known so many of the players would not be as overpriced as they are in the English/Spanish leagues.

You can see my team here: EA Sports Football | FIFA Ultimate Team | EA SPORTS Football (http://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa-ultimate-team/show-off#iRvt1w6DbbH5R)

Making Money

Trading in UT is a game in itself. To improve your team you need coins and to get coins you can either play matches (online or offline ? online will net you more coins), buy packs & sell the contents or (what I do) play the market to make a profit, buy players that are put up for less than their true value and sell on for a profit.

The best bargains can be found by employing what?s called the 59th minute method. You navigate to find the actions in which have 59 minutes remaining and then wait for a player to be listed at a cheap "Buy Now" price which you know you can sell on for a profit. This method required patience but can pay huge dividends. I've seen an "In Form" Messi go for 15k and a Xavi for 9k before. To put that in perspective the Messi would sell on for around 3-4 million and the Xavi for around 100k. A good return you will agree.

Another way of making small returns is to but normal "non-shiny" gold players for 250 coins and then discard for 300. A small return but it is a sure fire way of making some cash.

Buying backs is a huge risk, most of the time you will get sod all but then again you could get lucky and get a mega-star who you could sell and build your dream team 20 times over.

I hope this has helped you get to know a bit more about how Ultimate Team functions. If anyone wants some more info please just ask and I'll do my best to help you.