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07-09-2011, 12:07 PM
I received an e-mail this morning from the associates at EA SPORTS who informed me of a social networking experience combined with a levelling mechanism within the gaming experience of FIFA 12. That's how I decided to word it because that's how it appears. It's a jumble of ideas hashed together in order to make a game that will no doubt be similar to FIFA 11 except for the "Player Impact Engine" look different. Here's what the "General Manager of Football, EA SPORTS", Matt Bilbey, has to say on EA SPORTS Football Club:

"So what makes Football Club different than what we?ve done in FIFA to date, or any other gaming experience that?s out there today? There are lots, but two that really stand out for me.

First is Support Your Club, a central part of the EA SPORTS Football Club experience that deepens your connection to your favourite team. In FIFA 12, you get the opportunity to represent your club and contribute to their success in everything you do and every time you play. Whether you?re a fan of big clubs like Real Madrid or a lower-tier club, all your accomplishments and achievements in the game will support your team?s position in our Support Your Club League Tables. It doesn?t matter how many fans support each club; what matters is how well they play and how often they play. The tables will be reset each week to allow for new challenges, renewed rivalries, and fresh storylines. FIFA 12 will never feel stale, and the tribal passion that fans have for their club will shine through.

The second point is the FIFA connection to the real world of football, and all the drama and storylines it creates?that makes the FIFA experience deeper and more rewarding than any other in the world of video games. Football Club will connect fans to the real-world events and emotion of the sport through challenges and storylines injected into the game, ripped from the headlines of the Sports sections of newspapers around the world. We?ll have a dedicated team who will follow the highs and lows of the football season, and make FIFA 12 feel fresh and new all season long. For example, if Manchester United beats Manchester City in a big derby match, we could make that into a Football Club Challenge and you?re given the opportunity to take on the challenge to avenge Man City?s defeat. If you succeed in the challenge, you?ll earn extra EXP, grow your status, and help drive your club to the top of the tables.

EA SPORTS Football Club will be a big hit for all the different kinds of players out there. For the hardcore football fan, we?ll be constantly feeding the game with cool and engaging real-world content to drive deeper competition with your friends and deeper connection to your favourite club. For the more casual soccer fan, you will be rewarded with a rich social experience that allows you to track progress and achievements in the game in a cool and fun way, against friends and against the world."

From that snippet of the future of football in EA's hands, it sounds as though the likes of "Ultimate Team" (which was in essence a sports game revolving around RPG-like principles) and this oddity will likely become the foundation of the games. Forget resolving issues like AI movement or player control. Forget resolving issues surrounding cheating and manipulation of the game. Forget all that. We're going to do what most other companies are doing - create a social experience that revolves around the game. Except it's going to be shit. And not worth the code it's written on.

If you want to read the full article complete with screenshots which give the impression that, as usual, the game hasn't changed much, here it is: A whole new way to connect to FIFA | EA SPORTS Football (http://easf.www.easports.com/uk/football/news/easfc-2)

07-09-2011, 05:52 PM
good idea i suppose but i dont think it will made me change my mind about buying another fifa

beaker smiles
07-11-2011, 01:29 PM
Oh chunder buckets. Why don't EA just come clean and confess.....

"...... It's exactly the same game, but we've tweaked the colours to make you think it's different. We were going to overhaul the game radically, but frankly couldn't be arsed. Besides which, there are enough schmucks out there who will buy FIFA 12 that my mattress will be stuffed with fresh crinkly ?50 notes."

A further statement from EA will then read "Well whats the point in trying, we'll only fail. Is it too late to blame piracy for the lack of development in our product?"