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Arctic Chipmunk
02-25-2010, 12:06 AM
Section 3 - Ryan Amusements

Machine #1: This one's easy to get - it's on the way to getting the ticket to
enter the park, so you can't really miss this one.

Machine #2: Follow the Journey to the Surface ride to the end of the first
section (you're in the right place when you see "Coercion"), and enter
"Lighting Storage". A splicer is trying to use the machine in the back. If
you're following the Quest Arrow this whole time, it will bring you into this

Section 4 - Pauper's Drop

Machine #3: In "The Hamilton". After unlocking the Fontaine Clinics door, go
up to the second floor. Past the security camera, the door right in front of
you leads outside the clinic. Go outside, take a left, and follow it around the
building and inside. It is past the Ammo Bandit vending machine.

Machine #4: After you get the research camera, follow the arrow down into Skid
Row. After the fight with the Brute Splicer, enter the jazz club-esque place
(The Limbo Room). Get onto the stage and go up the right-hand staircase. Go
straight ahead through the door; the machine will be on your left as you enter,
on the same wall as the door.

Machine #5: As you wind your way through the Sinclair Deluxe, you will
eventually encounter a room with a vent, a security camera, and a corpse ritual
setup (candles and all). Double back and instead of going back where you came
from, keep going down the corridor. Just before the turret's location is a
room. Much like #4, it's just inside this room, on the wall you entered from.

Section 5 - Siren Alley

Machine #6: Inside the Mermaid Lounge. Head upstairs and shoot a remote hack
dart over the bar at the door control. Unlock the metal gate and walk through.
You will enter a room with a refridgerator and a hole in the floor. Drop
through, and the machine is here.

Machine #7: On the way to Pump Station #5 (and the fight with Father Wales),
turn left into a side room marked as "Lamb's Hideout". The machine is on your
right as you enter the room.

Section 6 - Dionysus Park

Machine #8: The machine can be seen behind a keypad-locked door as you come
into Dionysus Park. Follow the arrow, as though you're doing the quest, but
don't go into the door on the second floor. Instead, go down the other stairs
to an audio diary (Billy Parson - A Gift From Billy). Listen for the code
(1080), and enter it into the keypad to unlock the door to the machine.

Machine #9: This machine is in the room with two splicers attempting to hack
a safe. You will first see it on your way to meet Stanley Poole in the
security booth at the start of this level.

Section 7 - Fontaine Futuristics

Machine #10: This is in the room past the Security Checkpoint. You can't access
it at first, since Alex the Great disables the lock. After destroying the
relays, come back and use the lock to enter. It's on your left.

Machine #11: This one is in the Surveillance Office in the plasmid development
part of this level. You need to hack the door through the broken glass in the
"Test Subject Surgery" room (one of the four ADAM-infused plants is in the
Holding Cells, right below this room). It's on the back wall when you enter the
Surveillance Office.

Section 8 - Persephone

Machine #12: Just follow the path from the start of the level. After the
tunnel, you will see this one on the left.

Section 9 - Inner Persephone

Machine #13: This one's in the Security Office where Sinclair locks himself
inside. Enter the code (2673) to get in, and use it AFTER the battle. It's in
the back.

Machine #14: The final Power to the People machine is in the "Quarantine Area"
in the Infirmary Wing. As you head towards this Infirmary Pediatric Ward, there
is one sign for the "Quarantine Area". Turn right to see an RPG turret at the
other end of the hall. Disable it first, then jump into the room. The machine
is immediately on your right, on the same wall you came in from.

That's it! You should now have the Fully Upgraded All Weapons achievement.