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Arctic Chipmunk
02-21-2010, 03:31 AM
1-After destroying the first xenomorph, the marine cross a pedestrian
bridge into a small office with an audio log. The marine will still be alone at
this point, and trying to regroup with Tequila.

** Defeat the second xenomorph in the dark area, and the door to the colony's main streets will open. Here, there will be five audio logs you can grab in any order as you move towards Administration Building D. **

2-Colony streets; near the dead marine by the door/door switch you entered the streets from.

3-Colony streets. Turn right from the door you where entered this zone.
Follow the street to the cliff side and turn left. This audio log will be next
to a locked metal gate.

4-Colony streets. Turn right from the door you where entered this zone.
Follow the street to the cliff side and turn right. This audio log is on a
second level walkway that wraps around the adjacent building.

5-Colony streets, at the entrance to the Recreation Facility (Strip Club).
This audio log is next to a row of four payphones.

6 - Colony streets. From the entrance to the Recreation Facility (Strip
Club), go past the the gate by the payphones and head upstairs. There is an
audio log on the stair rest overlooking the cliffside.

7 - Colony streets. Just outside the entrance of Administration Building D
(where Tequila is). Check the dead end on the road for this audio log.

8 - Administration Building D. In the room where you find the portable power
cell, there is an audio log.

9 - Strip Club. Check the area around the stripper's dance floor for this
audio log.

10 - Strip Club, second level. While holding off the xenomorphs at the strip
club, there is an audio log on one of the tables. You can get it after you
clear the zone.

11 - Strip Club exit. After you clear the club of aliens, you leave by
elevator. Do so. Upon exiting the lift, check the tables before following the
friendly marine for an audio log.

12 - In the area where you hold off aliens in the stairwell (it's the
Survivor map C-block), one of the groups of containers has an audio log behind them. Check behind them all for the audio log icon; you want to grab it before
the aliens overwhelm you.

13 - After you exit C-block (the map with the barricades and all the marines
), you will be in a room above the sewers.
An audio log will be in that room. Take it before dropping into the sewers proper.

14 - While navigating the sewers to escape, you will stumble across this
aduio log near some Pulse Rifle grenades (the yellow icons) and a stim-tab.
This is approximately the half-way point of the sewer section.

15 - As you approach the level exit (double white squares), there is a side
room to the right with an audio log. Since that secret room is so close to the
exit, if your marine trips and gets the level end cut-scene, you passed the
doorway. Restart at the last checkpoint and try again.

Refinery (12 Logs)

1 - At the start of the level. After you gain control of the marine, check
behind him. There is a column with a large ventilation machine near it; an
audio log should be next to the machine.

2 - Before you leave the mines and get back out into the sun, there is a
yellow construction vehicle in a dead end near the exit. Check behind it for
the audio log.

3 - Before crossing the service bridge to the refinery, check the area under
the building by the bridgehead. There should be a audio log near one of the
platform supports.

4 - After crossing the bridge to the refinery's entrance, turn left. There
is an audio log next to the heavy mining vehicle.

5 - Enter the Facehugger-infested building; after exiting the elevator,
check the operations room in the control center (before going upstairs to the
roof). There is an audio log in the office.

6 - After using the laptop on the rooftop, go back downstairs in the
elevator. When you exit the elevator, enter the first room on the left (it is
now unlocked). There is an audio log on a storage shelf inside.

7 - At the refinery's elevator (the one you need to use the hack tool on),
check the dead end near the elevator. There is an audio log there.

8 - In the refinery, there is a caterpillar tread pick-up truck. If you've
completed the alien or Predator campaigns before, you will recognize this
repair garage. Check the boxes in the corner of this garage for an audio log.

9 - In the refinery's machine room (room full of generators), there are two
instances where you enter a short hallway to go around the generators to your destination; at the first short hallway, there is an audio log.

10 - At the refinery's hive, there is an audio log past Major Van Zandt,
hidden among three xeno eggs. Leave the Major alone and get this audio log first.

11 - After the ride in the refinery lift, there is a cargo pit with a few
alien eggs. You may go right (towards the boss), or left (bonus area). Go left,
destroy the enemies inside and check the dead end for this audio log.

12 - Just before the boss, you will come to a pit (with railing). An audio
log will be next to this impassable pit, along with some alien eggs nearby.

Jungle (14 Logs)

1 - Before going past the gate, check the zone where you start. In
particular, look behind the tree for an audio log.

2 - In the Swamp Fort, check the second level for an audio log. It will be
on the side that doesn't lead you to the marine sniper with the M42C.

3 - The Swamp. Just past the fort's doors, turn right. The audio log will be
near some containers.

** Until you activate the comm-beacon, there will not be any enemies unless you break open the alien eggs. Use this time to fully explore the swamp. **

4 - The Swamp. From the fort's front door, go left. The audio log will be at
the base of one of the trees used by the Predator player.

5 - The Swamp. From the cliffbase near the comm-tower, go right towards the
swamp's exit. You will find an audio log (ground level) soon enough.

6 - The Swamp. Next to the generator by the comm-beacon is an audio log.

7 - Swamp. Roof of the building with the Swamp Gate's control has an audio
log. You can jump to it by using the nearby fuel tank.

8 - At the research outpost. Upon entering, turn left and check behind the
wall. There is an audio log behind a blue caterpillar pick-up truck.

9 - Reseaerch outpost. The side of the building that Katya tells to you
power-up. The audio log is in the same location where the Predator player
disrupts power to get inside.

10 - Research outpost. Head for the closed (exit) gate. Turn left and walk
along the defensive wall. There should be an audio log near the corner of one
of the one-story buildings.

11 - Research outpost. Inside one of the buildings, there is a portable power
cell and an audio log. Note there is more than one power cell at the outpost,
so check each (lit) building for the log/cell combo.

12 - Research outpost, second floor. An audio log is next to a container in
the control room.

13 - Jungle path after leaving outpost and Predator sniper attack. When you
come to some blue light sticks scattered on the ground, check the sides of the valley for an elevated ledge. The audio log is there.

14 - After you pass the gate in the jungle with the busted sentry gun, stay
left. You will come to a sharp rise in the ground that puts you over the audio
log; this log is in some grass between a tree and the rock wall. Note that if
you fight the combat synthetics, you went too far ahead.