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Thread: FIFA Ultimate Team Discussion & Squad Show Off

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    The colour of the lines don't matter, I only need green lines to compensate for broken links (red) to keep everyone on 9 chemistry.

    As long as your players are on 9 then they're playing to the maximum of their abilities.

    So all yellow is just as good as all green basically.
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    Anyone playing Ultimate Team then guys? Would be good to have a few games!
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    I still do occasionally, I have a bundesliga\serie a team which is fronted by the then Milan striker Alexandre pato, I'm available tomorrow night if you fancy a couple games

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    I go football training on Wed nights atm so am usually wiped out when I get home but if I’m half-awake I’ll give you a game. FIFA gets a bad rap on here I always think, personally I love the game and assuming you know how to trade well you can build up a load of cash quickly to build awesome teams, hell you can build a great team for next to nothing anyway! I recently bought Thiago Silva to slot into my various defences, bit of an animal but not sure he’s worth 140,000 coins.

    Pato is quality in this game, maybe even better than he was last year.
    "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless." - Fawful

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