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Thread: FIFA 13 XboxFriends Club

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    signed for the team this morning.

    On another note do you by any chance during the season get warnings for bad language? I'm getting them constantly after near enough every match. I do have the kinetic in at the moment so is it some fancy new part of the game to stop you from swearing? aha. I'm being given bans and put on the bench a lot and been given a yellow card for what appeared to be nothing. I've looked it up but there is nothing saying it for definite

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    Still plugging on, on FIFA 12

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    well the xbox friends fc is now up and running we completed our first 2 games last night, losing the first 3-1 which was actually a pretty close game. we then drew 2-2 in our 2nd, they were really battering us near the end but we managed to hold on for a draw.

    they now do seasons mode in clubs so we have another 8 games to get the 3 wins we need for promotion. it was good fun, and much more stable than 12 and 11.

    as mentioned if you want to join just add me as a friend and then you can join a friends club and find me.

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    Is the connection better or still laggy stu?

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    Great performances all night from Stu and SummonDeath, everyone played fantastically to secure our first promotion out of Div 10! Will we ever reach Div 1? No fucking chance but we’ll give it a damn good go and see how far we can get…

    Apologies for my incessant whining about how awful my Pro was, but my god he is so bad, the touch of Jimmy Saville...
    "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless." - Fawful

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    Hi can i join the club have just bought this game should be here tomorow clubs was fantastic fun

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