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Thread: FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Begging

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    FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Begging

    FIFA 12 is not far off and only a handful of you actually going to purchase the game (compared to last year) so I think it?s about time I did a bit of shameless begging. I?m playing the game this year (I can?t shake my FIFA addiction) and more specifically will also be playing Ultimate Team (as there are achievements for it).

    For starters I?ve never played UT in a big way before so my understanding of how it works is fuzzy too say the least however I am having a go at the early release of the FIFA Ultimate Team web app. I?ve been trying to build a half decent team but some of the other people on there have hundreds of thousands of coins already (I swear they must be cheating somehow).

    Anyway for those of you who played the game before (and created an ultimate team in FIFA 11 ? you only need to have opened the UT menu and given your team a name) you will get 2 free packs upon logging in for the first time. I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to give me your free packs just to give me a bit of a kick start?

    All you need to do is log in here: EA Sports Football | FIFA Ultimate Team | EA SPORTS Football

    Once you?re logged in open your packs up then post in this thread what players you have so I can arrange a swap deal with some low level player of mine (or for those of you who actually want to play UT this year (or you can start building your own team)...

    I?m hoping that I can create a good enough team to get the 85 million value achievement so then once I get bored of UT I can hand the squad onto another member here so that can get the achievement too (as I have a feeling it could take a while to build a squad of that value).

    Let me know guys.
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    U shameless begger, lol.
    Although I wont be getting Fifa this year I will help you out mate. I'll check it out tomorrow and see what I get, I'll also ask my wee bro for tips, he's addicted to ultimate team so he should know what to do and get better players easier.

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    If this shows up as playing on my GT I will personally come round to your house carve out a small rendition of the word 'pain' many times across your eyeballs, skin, & major organs using a machete.

    You will wish you end up like some mexican drug victim.

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    The secret to UT isnt just decent players, its decent players who can play togetehr well.. Things like Nationality give bonus, matching formations, Country of Oranges,
    EG, 3 players from brazil give them a 33% bonus to skills.
    4 players who prefer the same formation you utilise get a bonus
    The more you win using a formation, increases that bonus generation percentage.

    Its the above means its complete bullshit on whether a UT team is any good or not, (& by good, they mean 'Have spent real money to buy such crap')

    Decent players above 85 tend to mostly hide out in the premium packs (or rather, like Panini stickers, youll get 7 Peter Beardsley for every 1 Liverpool Squad photo)
    It is completely a money sink that also earns EA a decent percentage of yearly revenue.

    Pack 1 (Above 75s only) (I havent included country of origins, as I couldnt id the flag easy for some)

    81 Joaquin, RW 3-5-2
    77 PAC, 75 SHo, 79 PAS, 87 DRI, 48 DEF, 50 HEA
    78 Bojan, CF 4-1-2-1-2
    85 PAC 75 SHO 74 PAS 86 DRI 39 DEF 58 HEA
    78 wan der Wie, RB 4-2-2-2
    85 PAC, 62 SHO, 70 PAS, 74 DRI, 74 DEF, 73 HEA
    77 Floccari, ST 5-2-1-2
    76 PAC 73 SHO 64 PAS 81 DRI 57 DEF 77 HEA

    Pack 2
    75 Penneteau GK 4-4-1-1
    75 DIV 71 HAN 78 KIC 80 REF 58 SPD 79 POS
    76 Domizzi CB 4-4-1-1
    53 PAC 62 SHO 62 PAS 54 DRI 78 DEF 72 HEA
    78 Manu Del M CF 4-3-1-2
    83 PAC 78 SHO 63 PAS 79 DRI 47 DEF 67 HEA
    76 Ludge CDM 4-3-3
    65 PAC 59 SHO 72 PA 69 DRI 74 DEF 69 HEA

    & there you go, 2 packs which both 'randomly' produce 4 above 75players, of which 1 is greater than 80... Never let it be said EA dont know how to make a game as fun as accountancy.

    Oh, for future, when trading (or getting messages from people), watch out for the trick of them saying 'theres a glitch if you trade me xxxx for yyyy & I give it back, its worth double its value.. '
    xxxx is generally shit & what they give you.
    yyyy is generally expensive & you give them.

    There is no glitch, just stupid people

    There is however a thriving market on ebay from stolen GTs with shadily bought MSP that are traded in for DLC packs.. (at least till MS ban those also!)

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    Can I have those then Mark as you're not playing it? I think if I put up a shitty player for mega money then you offer a trade deal they the exchange will take place...
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    Can take the whole lot of them if you want, I wont be touching fifa 12 at all.. (also, if you want, I can probably see if my other accounts can get free shit from EA too & log in with them. (If I knew the liveID details for half of em, I couldt start a team with the over 85s!)

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    If its anything like the NHL UT then you cant trade players from free packs - no idea why.

    Free packs in NHL give shit players, you'll never get a decent one, only kids.

    The one time i bought a pack (with real points) i got a world class player in it. Big surprise.

    Everyone i come up against has an all star team and i have a team of donkeys, bit depressing after a while.

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    Im going to take a stab at the reason of the differences Steve..

    Fifa has a much larger userbase, ( & potentially actual players? Given its WorldWide leagues; NHL is US/Canadia?)
    So assume youve got a 3 tier & World class on NHL, which just happens to use the same percentages, youd end up with a much smaller number of players for each tier..
    Do the same on Fifa, & even on the 3rd tier, youve got potentially this years arsenal team....

    Anyway, Im sure EA love the idea in that theyre raking in sales from this..

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    EA must make an absolute fortune out of Ultimate Team. I don't know how much the packs cost each but I have a slight inclination that they aren't that expensive so people will keep buying them in the hope of getting something good...

    Also anyone else who wan't to give me a leg up your help would be much appreciated!
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