Demo Source - FIFA 12 demo release date announced News - - Page 1 |
A FIFA 12 demo will be released on 13th September, EA has announced.

The full FIFA 12 game launches on 29th September.

Demo platforms weren't mentioned during EA's Gamescom conference. Presumably the date covers both PS3 and Xbox 360.

EA hasn't yet detailed what will be in the demo. But you can use it to hone your skills for the full, playable FIFA 12 game at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London this September.
Ultimate Team Source - FIFA Ultimate Team on FIFA 12 disc News - - Page 1 |

EA has announced that FIFA Ultimate Team will come on the FIFA 12 disc on 29th September.

Previously, the card-trading managerial add-on had been offered as post-release and paid-for DLC.

On 20th September, you'll be able to start your Ultimate Team via the EA FIFA 12 website and even receive free card packs.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, you piece together your dream squad by buying and trading virtual cards of football players. You can earn better players the hard way, or splash your real cash on them and cut a few corners.

EA revealed in December that it had made ?28.5 million from Ultimate Team add-ons so far. And that wasn't counting FIFA 11's contribution.