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Pro evo has literally gone down the pan though, I love football games as a party thing or even as a quick game to play (BF3 can take forever!!)
Fifa, atm is definitely the better option, just pick it up now as its midseason and they will do their updates so you miss all the jammy glitches
As much as id like to agree with your last statement about 'fixing the glitches', Given the evidence of Fifa 9, 10 & 11.. I feel confident in saying that wont be the case..
They tend to do an update soon after release which fixes the most vocal complaints, but then the team go off and work on the next fifa.. Leaving plenty other other glitches & messes on the MP side (eg the midgets & formations on the clubs... It meant you had to also play shit tactics to try & counter it, which removes football from it)

But yeap, Pro Evo has been going downhill for a long long time.. - best way the could solve that problem is to take a year or two off and completely redesign it.. The downside is that is a gamble on itself. EA have got that Television presentation sorted that Pro Evo just doesnt have..
The problem, I think, is the management in control of development of Pro Evo.. They where slow to move up to 360 development way back when, not just once, but 3 times. and every iteration that comes out just looks like a slapdash release.