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    Achievement Spotlight 2 - Win Phone resurgeance, Rogue Legacy, DLC Bumper Issue

    Pre-Orders: Elder Scrolls Online (One 9/06) and LEGO Jurassic World (One/360 12/06)
    I'll be doing a full indepth of both of these closer to the time but so far ESO looks a mixed bag, some simple progression types that you'd expect, get to level 50 or complete all quests. The mean one is 100G for getting the highest rank on PvP ... more soon.

    LEGO Jurassic World however is like every other LEGO game, but it has some interesting name references for those who will complete it.

    Estimated time for completion; ESO 200-400 hours / LEGO 20 hours

    Rogue Legacy (One 27/05) 29 for 1000G
    This looks easy enough, but it has a hard edge. The idea is to slowly build up your manor and power as you traverse the dungeon. It's random unless you lock it down, so far it looks one playthrough to get to Level 50 15G and collect pretty much everything, all journals 15G, all equipment90G, all runes 50G and defeat all mini bosses 30G. Not to mention all the actual bosses and secret bosses. Making the 'Play for 20 hours' 30G seem a bit short, as you could easily be on this for much longer.

    Finally there is this beauty 'Thanatophobia (100G) WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less' ... so, yeh!

    Estimated time for completion; One person has completed it so far and it took them 100 hours, but they were first so estimated 80hours with guides.

    Lara Croft: Relic Run and Monster Go! Both 20 for 200G
    It's always good to see support for Windows Phone and here are 2 endless runners making their debut. Lara Croft takes all the action action of her bigger games and distils it into bite sized locations. This seems pretty simple and fun game for achievements apart from collecting 1,000,000 coins which looks so far to be an endless grind. There are also achievement for surviving 10 curses sent by friends, game altering sabotage from your friends list all well and good but you can only acquire 5 curses and there's an achievement for sending 6 different curses. So look to future updates or something people have missed as of yet.

    Estimated time for completion; Grind 1,000,000 coins and so far 1 unobtainable achievement.

    The second game Monster Go! features pokemon like features of training and evolving your 3 available monsters to increase there abilities in the running arena. It's looks really fun but it's also super grindy, we're talking 20hours+ and at the moment has one confirmed glitched achievement for completing all challenges where the falling into pit challenge sticks at 1/50 and an unconfirmed glitch of completing 100 runs, for no one to have this yet and to have several other achievements related to massive levels of grinding seems unlikely it is working properly. Another one to wait for a patch, but it is free, so feel free to start it, just remember it might not be a completion.

    Estimated time for completion; 20 hours for 18/20 (Has 1-2 glitched achievements)

    Dying Light: The Bozak Horde
    If you have Dying Light still then this looks like a real easy 160G completion, completing the game and all the challenges and making all the new arrows.
    Evolve: Arena
    Free DLC? yes please, plus it looks pretty simple stuff when you can set the game to a custom match and swing everything in your favour. 6 for 250G
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Supremacy
    10 for 250G. All interesting stuff, plenty of fun achievements to be had. Jump 4 live sharks in 10 seconds! Ride Chompy for 5 mins. Big'uns are complete wave 30 and destroy the boat for 50G each.
    Pinball FX2: Portal Table
    Escape to the Surface (10G) 'Complete all 6 Test Chambers and then defeat GLaDOS on the Portal table. (Single player only)'
    Probably rock hard knowing Pinball FX2, a real achievement whore goes nowhere near Pinball FX2 for good reason.

    Spy Chameleon came out and last weeks guess at Steam achieves was right. Looks fun at 3.99 but a hard completion.
    Overkill 3 is out on Windows 8, if you've played it on WP then expect the same.
    Game of Thrones releases episode 4 for another easy 200G.
    Achievement lists up for Monster Jam Battlegrounds (360), Sparkle Unleashed (One) and What in the World? (WP).
    There's still 37 people in TA's Leap Frog competition, you'll have needed 44 achievements to stay in todays round... mental.


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    Lara doesn't install on my Win 10 preview so i can't review it :-(

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    Lara Croft looks good fun, even with the 1mill coin achieve that i won't bother with. I got Rogue Legacy and that's hard as balls. Elder Scrolls is also on the radar, because i'm a sucker for achievement punishment.

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