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    Achievement Spotlight 1 - Life is Strange, Witcher, Farming, Windows Phone, ID@XBOX

    The Witcher 3 (One 19/05) 52 for 1000G
    This game will be long and hard, well, that's what she said... poor jokes aside. The 'Walked the Path' 65G achievement for completing the game on Death March! difficulty is the tough one, Witcher isn't easy and this is the highest difficulty. Combine this with completing all Witcher Contracts 15G, destroying all monster nests 30G and winning the Gwent tournament 15G and this could prove overly difficult taking longer than an easy play-through to acquire all other achievements and another playthrough on Death March!

    All other achievements are doable, most coming naturally, collecting all Gwent cards 15G might need a guide as well as a few other things like Mutagens 15G

    Estimated time for completion; 200-400 hours

    LIfe is Strange: Episode 3 (360/One 19/05) 12 for 200G
    If you've played the first 2 episodes then the achievement list is exactly the same, you need to complete the episode and find 10 hidden photo opportunities (10G each and 45G for finding them all), most come with exploration but a few will require manipulating the environment. Your choice comes to using a video guide, use Maka's Guides on youtube as they're always good quality or playing through and searching for them yourself. Add 30mins to 1 hour to your completion 55G if you don't use a guide. Either way, the game is excellent, much smoother experience than Telltale games and the story is wonderful.

    Estimated time for completion; 2-3 hours

    Farming Simulator 2015 (360/One 19/05) 26 for 1000G
    Excitement abound in the next thrilling farming installment. This will be an acquired taste, most achievement come in the form of cumulative progression. 10 million wealth 60G, 50 sheep 40G, 100 bales 40G or complete 50 missions 60G. There's a mission for playing for over 10 hours 60G and although the game is completable in that time with proper planning or past experience with 2014, you're probably looking at 20 hours farming and not in the achievement sense. There are 3 achievements related to collecting 100 coins (3 for 120G) and like 2014 start with these as the coins should add bonus cash to your balance.

    Estimated time for completion; 10-20 hours.

    Mega Coin Squad (One 20/05) 22 for 1000G
    Arcade action-platformer with poor review scores and feels uninspired, there's achievements for collecting everything and finishing the game without dieing and one for completing within 30 minutes. Achievement wise, i'd avoid unless you really like this type of game, small chunk, arcade style repetition for improvement. There's better stuff coming out.

    Spy Chameleon (One 22/5) List Unreleased
    The actual achievement list is unreleased but this is 3.99 on Steam and looks an interesting stealth puzzler with some nice reviews. The achievements look hard as nails though, most have a sub 5% player acquisition. The worst being complete all levels and challenges in Hard and complete all Hard levels in under 18 minutes. This will require time and patience and maybe a spare controller.

    Tiny Troopers 2 (WP undated) 20 for 200G
    If you've played Tiny Troopers you'll know what to expect, the game is tough but doable with most achievements coming naturally as you progress through the 3 chapters. However the sequel changes the dog tag collection from finding 25 to finding 1000 and increases the cumulative points achievement to 3million from 200,000. It also features some zombie mode related achievements to drag you into something the first game missed an achievement related trick with.
    The game is charming and free to play and never feels overly pay to win as you can grind earlier levels for easy money, well worth a bash but play the first if you haven't as it has easier achievements.

    Other News
    Last weeks games showed Syberia to be a sub 5 hour completion for 1000G.
    Toro either has a 150G glitched achievement or no one can complete the campaign as of yet.
    Nero, Slice Zombies and Lifeless Planet all look like easy enough completions all ranging about 6-10 hours.
    Remember the 360 version of Minecraft has been updated with 30 new achievements, bringing it upto 1000G.
    Expect some future support for Windows Phone with Gamesloft games getting retroactive achievements and Tiny Trooper developers are soon to release Lines. Last week saw Hitman GO appear on Win8 and WP formats.


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    20-40 on Wicher 3. Conservative estimate if anything, that game is going to be one hell of a slog if you're going for 1000G.
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    yeh, i change that to 200-400 hours. Supposedly it has 50 hour story, 50 hours of sidequests and that's not to mention Gwent and Exploring and other boring stuff. Map is huge too, takes 40 mins on horseback from top to bottom .... mahoosive!

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    I'm going to get stuck in next week while I'm without Internet, man I'm excited. Hopefully by the time I get round to it there will be a few collectable guides out for all these cards.
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