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Thread: Dragon Age : Origins : awakenings

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    Dragon Age : Origins : awakenings

    Seeing as the DA rage is taking us all again, & theres a lot of game content included with the DA:O:A disk, I thought it would be handy to put up a little guide on the bestest way Ive found of running through the game order.
    This will mostly cover for achievements & completing in the shortest time (personal playtimes will vary)

    Firstly, as youll know (if you have the DA:O game), its not short, & you can play through the game a lot of different times to your hearts content.

    Theres 3 races, 2 genders, & 3 classes & combinations there of.

    Theres romance achievements which means you have to do at least 2 playthroughs to get this one..
    Personally, I found Leliana the hardest to romance, so starting anew, target her to romance (take advantage of saves & the wiki pages to do this!) Having to nearly play through the entire game to get her romance options.

    To get each of the races origin's storys, just create a class for each one, play through the origin & the exit - erase the characters you dont want!

    You can leave the 'get each class to Level 20' till awakenings as you can create a default Level 20 straight away!.
    Equally, theres an achievement to inflict over 150 Damage - Fire up awakenings, Create a warrior, & play through to unlock 'Pions Attack' - Then bash someone with it.. It'll unlock with the 1st usage most likely.

    As with all games, generally stick with a well rounded group of characters: a couple of tanks, a healer.

    Whilst you can import existing characters into the DLC, it will create a new version of that character - The game has a limit on the number of characters it can support, so some characters will get erased once you complete the DLC!

    The DLC
    The Gifts & Pranks is mostly used in Origins to quickly change peoples Liking with you.. Use it for romance as needed. - Its bought (for free) from the camp in the main game.
    Blood Dragon Armour : Additional Armour for a warrior class, better than most standard armours in the game. use it or sell it.
    BattleDress of the prov : another bit of armour, wear it or sell it.
    Return to Ostager : an additional location appears on the main map screen letting you return to the site of the battle. Dead easy.
    Stone Prisoner : An extra location & an additional Character : Shale a golem - a pure tank handy for dishing out pain, lots of pain.. some quite comedy bits too. Worth playing early in the story on a new playthrough to get a decent tank.
    Wardens Keep : An extra Location & upon completion gives you a locker where you can store more crap you wont use! (follow the guide to get one of the achievements, but it aint difficult)

    Stand Alone DLC
    Witch Hunt, a standalone title, takes place after the events of the main game.. Its not difficult & when you get to the final boss, dont forget to save & change the difficulty to Hard! Delete the character after use!

    Leliana's Song : Set before the events of the main game, you control Leliana. Again, not difficult - use a guide to get the releveant achievements.
    Delete the character once completed.

    Darkspawn Chronicles. - Play as the darkspawn. I havent played this yet, but it got a poor write up. play, complete & delete the character.

    Golems of Amgarrak : This is the tough one.. You defo need to follow the guide to get one of the achievements, & the end boss is a twat (for my level 22 mage)
    I'm seeing if a rouge created in awakenings & playing through that (level 30) will then have the strength & powers to be able to beat him..

    To get the quickest play through all the DLC & the main game.
    A rouge seems like the best bet. close range sword & dagger attacks, or Long range bow & arrow. as well as hacking the fuck out of everything!
    You can rank him up in the main game & the DLC, then import each time into the extra content (where allowed).. then import him (or her) into Golems & hopefully, he'll be able to take out the end boss.

    And the wiki page :
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    Theres a guide on TrueAchievements that tells you about two XP glitches, one for DA:O and one for DA:O:A. Can't be bothered to look for the link right now, might be the achievement for Golems of Amgarrak where you have to beat the boss on hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msross View Post
    You can leave the 'get each class to Level 20' till awakenings as you can create a default Level 20 straight away!.
    I did this but I start at level 18?

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    Yeap, I got that bit wrong.. You do start at 18, but can rank up to 20 real easy. - Ill edit it later

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    Equally the 150 damage can be done in Awakening as a Mage. Just equip Crushing Prison and I believe you cast in on a Henlock Emissary.

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