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    Madden Games

    Madden games a great way of getting full 1000g

    Remember 95% of Madden achievements unlock end of the Match.

    Madden 06 11 Achievements (No Online achievements)
    all are really easy score a touchdown, 4 sacks, get a first down etc
    Only longone is worth 400 and is 30 years of franchise, basically simulate the lot, i did this whilst watching a video, achievement will unlock when you get to 2035.

    Madden 07 46 Achievements (No Online Achievements)
    All but 320 can be gained by simulating a season but selecting all teams lol. So there is 680 straight away easy.

    Madden 08 48 Achievements (No Online Achievements)
    Set all the sliders in your favour, and set offside to off, this comes in handy for the sacks with 1 player,just take your man and run around and stand behind the opposing quarterback (make sure you dont touch anyone or you will get a penalty for encrouchment) as soon as theysnap the ball bang the QB will run into you and bingo a sack. rinse and repeat. You can then pick off all the achievements you require.
    I set the game to 15 minutes each quarter and got all 1000 in 2 games.

    Madden 09 25 Achievements (No Online Achievements)
    Once again do the same trick with the sliders and offside, some achievements are with or against certain teams, pick the matches and do them easy peasy, took me 3hours for full 1000g

    Madden 10 29 Achievements 1150g -Coming Soon

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    The Madden 11 ones are really easy too. Off the top of my head it's 24 achievements for 1000g. 23 of those are done in the same way as the others (set sliders to your advantage). The only really tough one is the Madden Moments one. Basically you have to play through 49 different game situations e.g. 2 minutes on the clock in the 4th, 1st and 10 on your own 6, score a TD. Some are crazy hard and you need a bit of luck, but with perseverance you'll get there in the end!

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    Still working through the 30 years of franchise mode, on Madden 06. Takes ages with simulation and you get fired a lot. I was wondering if you get fired and there's no team with a vacancy will you have to start again.

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    Madden 07 has an Online Achievement for 5G, this is no longer available as the servers are shut down too.
    It also has an 'America' only achievement where you have to import a Draft Class from NCAA Footballl 07. (10G)

    Madden 06 Simming takes 5 hours if i remember rightly.

    Madden 8-11 are really easy, but it can take some work for achievements like return 2 TD kick-off returns and recovering a fumble for a TD in the endzone.

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